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關於川代企業有限公司 About Us, CHUAN DAI


CHUAN DAI Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in 2006. We are a professional manufacturer who specializes in producing, developing, and selling chewy food in Taiwan. We rely on our experience and upgrade our production technology, also use superior selected ingredients to research, develop and manufacture chewy additive food with plentiful and diversity texture which could add in drinking and ice product. In the term of the R&D, CHUAN DAI not only focus on the creativity and unique of products but also continuously to upgrade our technique and equipments to make sure our quality steadily.


產品研發Product Research And Development

CHUAN DAI gain our renown by Pop-up Juice in market. Pop-up Juice is one of the kind unique chewy food which is very different to the other existing product. Pop-up Juice will pop up in your mouth when you chew it, and give you surprising taste texture and flavor. Pop-up Juice already brings a new trendy storm in international market such as EU and USA market.


In addition to Pop-up Juice and Kanten products, CHUAN DAI also keeps launching new product, please keep concerning our website!

川代的年代記事 Our History


CHUAN DAI was established.


Design and develop the machine for Pop-up Juice


Design and develop the machine for Kanten Jelly


Pop-up Juice launched and available in market

Kanten Jelly was available in market
通過HACCP & ISO22000:2005認證
Get certificated of HACCP & ISO2200

CHUAN DAI will keep the faith in providing the best service and product to our customer as our business vision.


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